Online & Mobile Voting

Open Poll

Put up your question publicly to allow all Unomap users to see your poll and vote on it. You can put up a public poll using mobile or web at

Closed/Private Poll

Create a poll that is limited to only specified group of people, either through closed-door event, or sending invitation to specified users over Unomap App.


Set a timeframe for your poll with active date and time, duration of voting, presence-based or invitation-based or both. Set it right to your preference, and get instance result of your poll.

Open Voting

In need of public opinion on certain topic you concern?
Create your poll at UnoVote now! You can do it handily on Unomap App. Put up your questions and answer choices, and your poll will be visible to all Unomap users.


Have an agenda to be voted in an official meeting with your stakeholders?
Create a private poll that limit voting to only desired voters. If you need to allocate different voting power to different voters, UnoVote got you covered.


Want to have an interactive session with your audience or participants of your event? Create a closed poll at UnoVote. Get your participants to scan a QR code displayed and start voting. Get access to the real-time result of the poll and get to know your audience response right away.


Whether you are running an association, a club, or managing a campus, election is something you carry out on a periodical basis. UnoVote supports majority types of election with privacy protected anonymization of votes. You can better manage your election at lower cost and higher efficiency with UnoVote now.