CheckIN is a useful tool for attendance recording and event ticketing. It could be used for attendance marking for event, meeting, class, work and etc. All it does is just a scan of a QR code. Interestingly, you can use it under online and offline situation, and even restrict scanning of QR to only specified group of users of invited-only users. Forget about paper and pen recording of presence, forget about typing on excel. You can now better use your time for more important daily agenda, and leave your mundane tasks to CheckIN.

Event Attendance

Having a long queue to just record your attendees attendance is a waste of time. Now you only need to get your attendees to scan your event QR code and you are done taking their attendance. There is no need of printed name list and asking for signature from attendees now.

Class Attendance

Being an attendance recording tool, CheckIN is definitely suitable for ticketed events. With “invited only” feature in CheckIN, only specified people can scan your attendance code right.