Unomap is a Digital Identity network, serving as an ID platform, building channels through which identities data are re-useable, shareable, and manageable by owner.


1. The UNOMAP Story

Unomap is a decentralization-inspired identity platform, aimed at unifying various forms of identification into one, trustable, collective and secured network platform.

Unomap is so named with the meaning of “ONE (Uno) Map of identities”, linking all identities of individual into one channel through which reusability of ID data is possible, authenticity of IDs is trusted, and controllability of own ID is enhanced with improved identification experiences at the same time.

3. Unomap Approach

Build a “networked” platform of identities, through working with identities providers, bringing genuine identities onboard.

Building the “bridge of trust” that channel identities across entities and systems to achieve trustable and efficient identification, authentication and verification of IDs.

2. Problem

Most of our important and official identities are physically managed, and semi-digital, thus relying heavily on physical document in all forms of identification.

Too many mundane paper-based identification processes we are going through getting formal processes and services available to us – wasting precious time and natural resources.

ID fraud and ID theft happen everyday at different corner of the world - $490 billion annually.

KYC, Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, Tax Evasion - Compliance cost of financial institutions amounting to $270 billion approaching 2020.

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