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Prove your true self using your digital identity in mobile for available services on Unomap platform.

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Providing your identity is FAST

You can prove your identity to obtain services by just a scan of QR code or a tap of a button on your mobile.

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Unique Features

We put security and user experience at the top of our standards. Every services is crafted with optimized security level and great user experience.


Multi-Factor Authentication with biometric verification enhances the security of identity related transaction at Unomap Platform.

QR Code

QR code interactions on full-duplex communication channels for superior connectivity and highly scalable applications.


Breaking silos is part of digitalizations. Unomap creates interchange that smoothly interoperate between platforms and systems.

Digital Certificate

Embedding digital certificate to each digital identity creates a safe and trustable transaction environments among connected services on Unomap.

Applicable to

Digital Identity is relevant for as long as you deal with identity information. We provide digital identity solutions to various industries to make identity management efficient and user-friendly


Unomap services empower you to manage and use your digital identity easily for various purposes, Going digital means making your life easier.

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